Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekending... and a recipe, sort of

We've had a great weekend. For starters, Friday night, Julian walloped the JV and Varsity teams from our cross-town rival, after getting a "well done" from his advisor during that morning's lab meeting. Saturday was quiet but busy, preparing for a percussion recital Julian was performing in. He and our friend, George, have put together this alternate notation piece where Julian uses animation that he programs to create an image on the screen which George interprets. The whole point is to show that music notation can exist in space rather than linear time (notes on a page). I had looked forward to the recital (and following party) as the highlight of our week. I made a delicious cake for the occasion.... but it refused to come out of the pan!

Sunday was spent doing as little as possible since Julian decided that TODAY was to be his birthday since last Tuesday was just too crazy for enjoyment and relaxation. So today I made all his birthday foods and the only thing he had do to was drive us to church. We even snuck in a Sunday drive to go hunting for meadowlarks - and even better, we found them!

I spent the entire week looking forward to making that cake, to it being a showstopper, completely perfect and delicious. But upon reflection, I am so glad that we are sharing this season of life with people who couldn't care less if they had to dig their slice cake out of the pan with a slotted spoon, and still they raved. Life is good.  Recipe here. Do try it, but flour your pan.

Joining Amanda and Wooly Moss Roots.


  1. Congrats on the win. Awesome job Julian! That cake looks so delicious! I like the pan your used too. I will add that recipe to my list.

  2. good golly on that cake! It looks dreamy and delicious. Love that your weekend was full and fun and had a win :)

  3. what a full and fabulous weekend. the cake looks amazing

  4. i'd happily spoon cake out of a pan :) a happy belated birthday to your other half!